CEO & Founder

Meet Altin Tafilaj, Artist and Entrepreneur whose life journey has taken him from the world of music to the realm of entrepreneurship. Altin’s musical journey began as the principal viola of various European orchestras, setting the stage for a remarkable career. He found his musical home as the Viola Soloist with the prestigious Orchestre National de Cannes in France. His performances as a soloist have captivated audiences in France, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Albania.
But Altin’s story doesn’t stop at music. During his time at the Basel Music Academy, he started nurturing his entrepreneurial skills. A chance meeting with Georg Fankhauser, a highly successful figure in the business world, led to the creation of the Swiss Music Foundation, known as PIROLO STIFTUNG. This foundation is all about giving talented young musicians the opportunity to showcase their skills through prestigious string instruments.
While living in Copenhagen, Altin embarked on a mission to share his knowledge and passion for music. He collaborated with renowned Scandinavian professors Niels Ullner and Tim Frederiksen to organize a series of Masterclasses and concerts at the Castle of Promenois in Bourgogne.
Altin’s journey continued as he relocated to Cannes. There, he founded and for one year took on the role of President of Allegro Amabile, a music association that organizes every year a season of incredible concerts. The concerts of the first season featured world-class artists, such as the Trio of Christina Åstrand (Violin), Altin Tafilaj (Viola), and Niels Ullner (Cello), the Copenhagen String Quartet, and the Piano Quartet with Sarah Nemtanu (Violin), Altin Tafilaj (Viola), Gautier Capuçon (Cello), and Elsa Cassac (Piano).
Driven by his unwavering commitment to the world of music, Altin founded later on the Music Association “La Note du Soleil,” which quickly became a well known cultural rendez-vous in Cannes. The association attracted exceptional artists, including Tedi Papavrami, Olivier Charlier, Quatuor Arod, Amaury Coetaux, Vincent Lucas, Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin and Patrick Ayrton.
In November 2018, Altin’s vision evolved, culminating in the transformation of “La Note du Soleil” into SUNSNOTE, a dynamic music company that continues to shine a spotlight on exceptional talent, fostering creativity and collaborations in the world of music.