Sunsnote is a French music production company. Since its creation in November 2018, the company has been very active on the international scene. We have established partnerships with cultural institutions in France, Italy, China, Russia, Armenia, Albania, Kazakhstan, Denmark and Malta. Art and luxury have a long history of mutual influence. Following this trend, we have collaborated with prestigious clients to organize unique corporate events at exclusive venues such as the “Shangri-La” and “Le Bristol” hotels in Paris, the “JW Marriott” hotel in Cannes, the “Suvretta House” in St. Moritz (Switzerland) and others. Our company is very grateful to one of our first partners, the Italian stylist Carlo Pignatelli for dressing our artists. SUNSNOTE was one of the sponsors of the conducting competition “Premio Cantelli” in Novara, Italy. (LINK) Aware of the values of our modern times, we propose musical productions that respect gender equality and the different cultural backgrounds of our artists. We’re currently working on making most of our activities digital and have become more interested in AI and WEB3. We believe that this mix of technologies will be very useful for our future projects. We also have an excellent team of artists and some really creative ideas that have impressed other important clients in the past. So, if you’re planning a corporate or luxury event and want to make it truly unique, please feel free to contact us by E-mail or Whatsapp