SUNSNOTES ORCHESTRA is the shining star of our music production company. Each Note represents a unique personality. Our musicians are chosen from the most prestigious cultural institutions around the world, bringing their own unique style and personality to the orchestra. This results in a truly unforgettable experience for anyone who has the pleasure of hearing them play. What makes SUNSNOTES ORCHESTRA stand out is their passion for music and their desire to share it with audiences. No matter where the musicians come from, they all share a deep love for their craft that shines through in every note they play. The orchestra is particularly proud of their all-women lineup, which celebrates female empowerment and solidarity. In addition to their classical repertoire, SUNSNOTES ORCHESTRA is incredibly versatile, adapting their performances or the number of players to a wide range of events. They have performed alongside dancers, at fashion shows, and at high-end corporate events in venues such as the Shangri-La and Le Bristol Hotels in Paris, and the Suvretta House in St. Moritz. One of the orchestra’s biggest achievements was being invited to perform at the prestigious “C’est pas classique” festival in Nice, France. Their performance, featuring soloist Laura Marzadori, was absolutely breathtaking and received a long standing ovation from the audience. Their passion, versatility, and commitment to excellence make them the perfect choice for concerts or events.