SUNSNOTE: Elevating Artistry and Luxury Through Music

SUNSNOTE, a distinguished French music production company, was founded by Altin TAFILAJ, a celebrated artist and visionary. BIO
Since our inception in November 2018, we have been at the forefront of the international music scene, leaving an indelible mark with our exceptional artistry and unmatched dedication.

Cultural Partnerships Across the Globe:

SUNSNOTE has proudly established partnerships with esteemed cultural institutions in various corners of the world, spanning France, Italy, China, Dubai, Armenia, Albania, Kazakhstan, Denmark, and Malta. These collaborations have enriched our artistic journey and allowed us to create transcendent musical experiences.

Where Art Meets Luxury:

The convergence of art and luxury has a storied history of mutual influence. At SUNSNOTE, we’ve embraced this trend by collaborating with prestigious clients to craft unique corporate events held at exclusive venues. The “Shangri-La” and “Le Bristol” hotels in Paris, the “JW Marriott” hotel in Cannes, and the iconic “Suvretta House” in St. Moritz, Switzerland, are among the distinguished locations where we’ve orchestrated unforgettable musical moments.

A Grateful Nod to Style and Elegance:

We extend our gratitude to one of our earliest partners, the esteemed Italian stylist Carlo Pignatelli, who has dressed our artists in the finest of couture. This infusion of style and elegance further enhances the visual and auditory splendor of our performances.

Fostering Emerging Talent:

SUNSNOTE proudly served as one of the sponsors of the prestigious conducting competition, “Premio Cantelli,” held in Novara, Italy. Our commitment to nurturing emerging talent underscores our dedication to the musical arts.

Unleashing Creativity and Excellence:

Our exceptional team of artists, armed with innovative and creative ideas, has consistently left an indelible mark on discerning audiences. We’ve had the honor of impressing notable clients in the past with our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Your Unique Corporate or Luxury Event:

If you are in the process of planning a corporate or luxury event and aspire to make it an experience of unparalleled grandeur, please do not hesitate to contact us. At SUNSNOTE, we specialize in transforming ordinary occasions into extraordinary memories through the timeless magic of music.

Join us on a journey that transcends the boundaries of sound and luxury. Discover the unmatched beauty and allure of SUNSNOTE, where artistry and elegance converge to create an experience like no other.

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